One-on-One EEO Rehabilitation


Do you have a CEO, Manager, Supervisor, Highly Trained Professional, or Executive who is not complying with your company anti-discrimination policies ~ or has the individual been found guilty of discrimination by the government?

Don't just terminate and pass them on to another unsuspecting employer; provide education specific to the need - Sexual Harassment, Racial Harassment, Religious Harassment, EEO Discrimination, etc.

EEO GUIDANCE, Inc. offers half and full day one-on-one counseling sessions to rehabilitate employees, supervisors, and managers who are too valuable to lose, but who don't seem to "get it" when it comes to illegal and inappropriate EEO harassment in the workplace (racial, sexual, religious, etc.).  Don't just send them to other employers to continue their behavior, get help and put them on the right track.    Contact EEO GUIDANCE today.



Testimonial Example: 

Law Enforcement

"We spend thousands of dollars in training for our law enforcement officers and some of the training is very specialized.  We had a specially trained supervisor who was having trouble connecting with all of his staff and there were complaints of favoritism based upon race and gender.   He spent 4 hours with Carol and the complaints have stopped."