"We have utilized Carol's services several times in the past few years for EEO investigations; especially when we need someone neutral who can view the circumstances with an eye for equality laws and regulations.  Carol has always done a wonderful job with the investigations.  She is extremely thorough and writes a comprehensive summary of  interviews; providing analysis of the data, results of the analysis, and recommendations. 

We recently had a complainant file with the EEOC.  As soon as we received their letter, we contacted our City insurance liability attorney.  She asked if an investigation had been conducted and when we told her we had hired Carol Dawson (and told her Carol's background) to investigate the complaint and followed her recommendations, the attorney replied, "This is fantastic.  Her detailed report will be our trump card!"  She then told me I was brilliant for contracting with Carol to conduct the investigation because it would make their job of defending the decision made by the City much easier. I never knew being "brilliant" could be so easy."


Federally Employed Women (FEW) National Conference Participant in the workshop:  Career Success or Career Distress:  Interviewing Skills to Get Ahead

"I was shocked at how I have been sabbataging my own career.  Carol's class included a personal test that provided meaningful insight into why I am stuck in a dead-end job with no apparent opportunities to acquire a promotion into another department.  I will immediately begin changes to show management staff that I am worthy of moving up at this agency. " 


Morgan Foods, Inc. (Manufacturing):  Mike Barrett, Logistics Manager
EEO Harassment and Discrimination:  The Three Second Rule

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your class on Wednesday at Morgan Foods.  You did a great job.  I showed my middle school aged kids the Morgan Foods Respect Pledge card, and they both wanted a copy.  I can tell you have great passion for your work.  Best wishes for continued success."


Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce:  Crystal Johnson, President/CEO                     

Sexual Harassment:  The Three Second Rule                                      

“Carol gave a presentation titled “Sexual Harassment and the 3 Second Rule” to a large group of our Chamber members and guests. They are begging for more!  The workshop was as fun and interesting as the title!” 


Kentucky Governor’s EEO Conference: EEO Training (half day of various topics): 

150 attendees – comments:  “Excellent!  VERY GOOD presenter.” - “I was not looking forward to sitting in the same training all afternoon; however, this was a wonderful and informative session and I look forward to follow up.  Thanks!”  - “Great speaker and educator – perhaps in the future Carol could come to my department and train co-workers and supervisors.”  “Great class – enjoyed all of it!” – “This was a great class…Bring this speaker back!” – Thank you for the quality information! This will be incorporated into our current agency policy and practice.  Carol was captivating!” 


“Your session was excellent.  The workshop was saturated with important information and delivered in a way that helped to facilitate understanding and application of the information.  I enjoyed it very much.”  Sylvia E. Smith, M.A., Director of Human Resources / Office of the Jefferson County, Kentucky PVA

“Thanks, Carol, for the information, and for such a top-notch presentation.  It was the best version of EEO training I have ever attended.”   Liz Shelby, Administrative Supervisor & EEO Counselor, Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet, Ky Department for Environmental Protection, Division of Waste Management


Regional Training Program - Federally Employed Women

Ms. Charlotte Becker, Attendee

"At the training conference, I chose to attend “Never Boring EEO workshop for Anyone Who Cares about Equality and Respect.”  Carol Dawson presented a very unusual class ~ it was interesting and evident she had done a lot of preparation because she had teaching scenarios where we learned a particular EEO behavior, what was right or wrong about the situation, and the real court decision.   It was the most interesting and fun EEO training I have had in my twenty nine years in the government.  Much insight into a difficult topic!"


Jo Burton, CEO, Mortenson Broadcasting Company (Sexual/Racial Harassment)

"Our management employees were very pleasantly surprised by the informative and thought-provoking session on sexual harassment and discrimination that Carol conducted at our Corporate Office. Carol's quality of instruction should set the industry standard for content and presentation. She definitely lived up to and surpassed her "no bore" guarantee--several of the employees in attendance asked when we could have her back again for further training. Her sessions are definitely not the boring, run-of-the mill seminars to which most of us are accustomed. We look forward to working with her in the future!"


Paula McCraney, 2006 President, National Council of Negro Women (NCNW)

"You were absolutely wonderful on Saturday (conference).  Thanks to you and your professional and knowledgeable presentation style, the conference was a success. Thanks - Thanks - Thanks!"   Paula


Jon Humiston, Assistant Affirmative Action Officer (Central Michigan University Affirmative Action Office)

Participant in the American Association for Affirmative Action (AAAA) national conference 2006 - Tampa(Hand Calculating Impact Ratio Analysis)

"Thank you for a wonderful presentation at the American Association for Affirmative Action Conference. True to your word, it was never a boring workshop!" 

Carolyn Provenzano, Instructor, & University of Louisville Kent School of Social Work students

"Thank you for empowering our Social Work 601 students with your exciting knowledge on diversity/equal opportunity/ discrimination. You presented your material in such an enthusiastic way. You are a true "educator." Your "quiz" certainly gave all of us "food for thought." I truly did NOT think I had biases. "I was wrong."  We look forward to having you again in the very near future!!!"


OFCCP Kentucky Industry Liaison Group (KILG)

     Over 65 company representatives attended the annual KILG workshop presented by EEO GUIDANCE, Inc.® (Carol Dawson) and EEO Associates (Sandy Hardee). The workshop was entitled, "Developing and Implementing Affirmative Action Plans."  The KILG was very pleased with the presentation and examples of the participant's responses are below:

     "This was an informative and interactive session"  "Don't change anything about this session.  Speakers were great!"  "Very good topic - you could not have picked better speakers for the topic.   Very knowledgeable."   "Both speakers are great - the applicant flow information was invaluable work information." 


Marion McAleer, EEO Officer, Fort Knox, KY (Advanced EEO Counselor Training):

     "Thank you again for the excellent EEO Counselor refresher training for Fort Knox.     The Counselors, as well as my staff, not only learned a lot from your personal experience in the EEO field, but also enjoyed the training immensely. It is great when someone as knowledgeable as you are can also present a dynamic training session that keeps the audience interested for a full day session."


Management Participant, (Sexual Harassment Training), U.S. Mint, Denver, Colorado:

" My supervisors and the other managers felt that your training was great - several of the people who have had lots of EEO training stated that this was the best class they ever had - we thank you!"


Management Participant (Diversity Training), U.S. NAVY - Naval Surface Warfare Crane, Crane, Indiana:

"Carol did an excellent job presenting the course material and she made me feel very comfortable; this helped me to be open and share my feelings on diversity. I learned more about my core values and how to impact my behavior "

(All Employee Diversity Training - 3,000 + employees) - examples of participant's evaluations:

"The instructor made me more aware of my day to day behavior and to think about what I do and say every day.  I wouldn't change a thing about this workshop.  This instructor is pretty much at the top of the bar." 

"Took a very dull subject and made it fun and interesting." 

"This opened up my eyes on speaking out against improper biases in the workplace." 

"Carol D. is a wonderful speaker.  Crane is very lucky to have this training." 


Ms. Judy Taylor, Kentucky Bank, Asst. Vice President Human Resources Manager (Sexual/Racial Harassment Training to all employees):

"I wanted to tell you that we had a lot of positive feedback about your training. Our employees enjoyed the training and even some of those the usual "complainers" said that they felt it was informative and made them think about their actions. We plan to have you back in 2004."


Diane Ormerod, EEO Officer, Corps of Engineers:

"Carol is a top notch professional.  Working with her always results in a quality product.  Her ability to relate to the audience and ensure all their questions and needs are covered, in addition to the information she wants to cover, is outstanding.  Her most recent work with us was a Team Buildingseminar with great results."


N. Jean Logsdon, Business Manager, US NAVY, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme Detachment Louisville:

"Your presentation was great! You are passionate about your work and it shows.  Your engaging style, ability to connect with the audience, and message on women who have made a difference, captured and held the audience's interest from beginning to end.  Carol, you have a genius for connecting on a personal level with individuals in a large group.  You entertained, educated, and inspired us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


Deby Mettling, DiverseWorks Program Administrator, MSD, City of Louisville, Kentucky:

"Carol Dawson delivered "Respecting Diversity" training to over 400 MSD unit and non-exempt employees. Employee feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Today, MSD employees have a much better understanding of our changing world, and how those changes come to bear on our business. 


Carol's workshop included discussions about how employees can diffuse unpleasant situations and ways they can change their language and conduct to make the work environment more respectful. The stereotyping exercise really helps employees understand how discrimination makes them feel. Discussions about inappropriate language, sexual harassment, the needs of the disabled and problems that arise from relationships with co-workers help employees see how they can change their own behaviors.


The foundation of the training is a message of respect for one another regardless of our differences. Carol builds on this message, and as the training progresses she not only increases employees' understanding of diversity, EEO and Affirmative Action law, but helps them understand how to become a change agent for diversity in the workplace. 


Employees leave understanding how to deal with difficult situations, as well as how to turn them around into positive experiences. They also understand that as a Diversity Change Agent, they can make a positive difference in someone's life!"


Dianne Schneider, Frankfort Electric and Water Plant Board, City of Frankfort, Kentucky:

"Last year, Carol helped us through an update of our Affirmative Action Plan and also through an OFCCP compliance audit. The entire process was made considerably easier because of Carol's knowledge, support, and concern for her customer."

"Carol was overall the best trainer we have ever had. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject areas are impressive. She is extremely upbeat and high energy and will appeal to a wide audience."


Kenneth Johnson, Johnson and Company Consulting:

"Ms. Dawson has been an invaluable ally as we have dealt with the OFCCP auditors. She offered sound perspectives and constructive suggestions about approaches in preparing for the audit and in dealing with audit issues as they arose. Not only has her technical advice been of the highest quality, but she has also been viewed as a key member of the team because of her strong interpersonal skills."


Amy Nickens, Student Liaison to the U.S. Aquaculture Society:

"The information Ms. Dawson presented was both inspiring and useful. She captivated the audience…"


Robbin King, President, Kentucky Industry Liaison Group:

"Ms. Dawson served as a Board Representative when we received the National ILG of the Year Award in 2001. The Kentucky ILG was recognized nationally for the contributions on behalf of promoting Affirmative Action in the workplace."

"Ms. Dawson is an excellent speaker and presenter and she has led several presentations during the years regarding issues of Affirmative Action. Ms. Dawson is always on top of current issues regarding Affirmative Action, Equality, and other government legal requirements."


Dress For Success Professional Women's Group:

Katy Collis, Assistant to the Director

"Your presentation was very interactive, clear, and straightforward, and you created a lot of interest and energy within the group.  As you can see from the enclosed evaluations, the members thought you were wonderful (unanimously!) and would love to have you return." 

From a participant:  "I would highly recommend Ms. Dawson to others.  She should speak in every venue of every business and organization in this state!"


Deborah L. Williamson/Kevin J. Smalley, State of Kentucky Office for Judicial Branch Education

"On behalf of Kentucky's Court of Justice, Admin. Office of the Courts, and the Office of Judicial Branch Education, we thank you for presenting your EEO and American's With Disabilities Act seminar to the AOC managers and supervisors.  We received wonderful feedback about your dynamic presentation and we value your expertise. You should be proud of the work that you have accomplished and we look forward to working with you in the future. "