• AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PLAN (AAP) Development / Mock Audits / Executive Summaries
  • The A-Team :  Equality, Affirmative Action and Diversity/Inclusion**
  • EEO Harassment Training (How Not To...)*
  • Diversity/Inclusion:  Getting Along Today and Tomorrow
  • Title VII and Sexual Harassment Training *
  • Promoting Yourself and Interviewing*
  • Federal and State Government EEO Counselor Refresher Training
  • One-on-one Manager/Employee Rehabilitation (for employees or managers who need EEO guidance and are too valuable to terminate)
  • Career Development Workshops - Human Resources
  • Team Building - Personal Profile System (referral provided)

*Popular  **Most Popular Sessions

Contact us today for a syllabus for any of the above workshops, along with an EEO GUIDANCE, Inc. business package.

Because of Dawson's years of experience conducting audits for legal compliance with EEO/AA laws (both as a Sr. Compliance Officer and later as the Area Director  (Louisville,KY), she is able to offer a wide range of Human Resources services, including employee surveys, employee and manager "360" evaluations, exit interviews, mediation/Alternate Dispute Resolution, one-on-one Manager/Employee EEO Rehabilitation, etc.

Dawson, owner of EEO GUIDANCE, Inc.® , provides quality consulting and training for managers, supervisors, and employees to help them understand the company requirements along with their personal requirements to ensure full compliance with EEO and Affirmative Action laws.  She also participates in speaking engagements on a large variety of EEO/AA/Diversity-Inclusion subjects for both private industry and government agencies.  These topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Diversity/Inclusion for Today and Beyond - Understanding and Respecting Diversity Will Lower Your Risk for EEO Complaints and Increase Productivity
  • Equality, Affirmative Action, and Diversity - Understanding the major differences and How to Comply with Applicable Laws
  • How to Create an Effective Executive Order 11246, 503 and 4212 Affirmative Action Program (AAP)
  • Become the Person for the Job - Preparing for a Promotion and Interview
  • Leadership vs. Management - Learn the Difference and How to Become a Better Blend of Both
  • Government Agency EEO Counselor Training (Advanced Refresher Course)
  • Speaking for Special Observances: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Day, Black History, Women's History, Disability Month, Hispanic Month, and more.
  • EEO Guidance can write,  analyze (mock audit), and create an Executive Summary for your Affirmative Action Program, analyze your AAPs
    • Guidance with AA and EEO legal compliance
    • Teach employees. supervisors, and managers the intent and guidelines of these laws

In addition to training, Dawson also provides expert consulting services in the area of equality, affirmative action, and discrimination.  Dawson can create an effective internal business complaint process for your company and follow through with investigations and/or mediation to assist in early resolution of EEO complaints ... before employees move into the legal system. Often the complaint process is provided at no cost when training is contracted. 



The "EQUALITY FOR ALL"  or the "RESPECT" lapel pins have quickly become very popular and are now available to order.  Cost per pin is:  $15.95, plus $5.95 S/H for 1-5 pins (for larger orders, please call 812-284-2993). 


"To understand these words, properly defined, is to appreciate our freedoms . . .freedom from prejudice and persecution -
freedom from injustice - and freedom of opportunity.  Ignoring these needs can precipitate battles and divide nations. Words which evoke such emotion are surely worthy of your interest, study, and thoughtful reflection."

Carol A. Dawson, EEO GUIDANCE, Inc.


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These companies form a powerful partnership that can help your company/agency stay current with EEO/AA laws and be in compliance. Whether you need a skilled and impartial investigator, or to receive expert coaching guidance for the real business world, these team members are the people to call.   Here are some examples of the issues they manage for their clients:

  • Creating and supporting quality Affirmative Action Programs, Executive Order 11246, Section 503 (Disability) and 4212 (Veterans), including Mock Audits and Executive Summaries
  • Training managers, supervisors and employees to understand the company requirements along with their personal requirements to ensure full compliance with the Affirmative Action requirements and EEO laws
  • Training and speaking on a variety of EEO/AA subjects for both private industry and government agencies:
  • Compensation - Is your workforce in compliance?
  • Diversity for Today and Beyond - Understanding Diversity for Today and the Future
  • Equality, Affirmative Action, and Diversity - Understand the differences and How to Comply with Applicable Laws
  • How to Create an Effective Executive Order 11246 Affirmative Action Program
  • Become the Person for the Job - Preparing for a Promotion - Interviewing Skills
  • Leadership vs. Management
  • Exceeding Expectations for EEO/Affirmative Employment Requirements (government and private industry)
  • Training for Effective EEO Counseling (for new or experienced federal and state EEO Counselors)
  • Speaking for Special Observances: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Day, Black History, Women's History, Disability Month, Hispanic Month, and more.

We can prepare your Affirmative Action Programs, analyze your compliance with AA and EEO laws, and teach your company, employees and supervisors the intent and guidelines of these laws -  and the training is guaranteed interactive and  'Never Boring,' to ensure the audience is alert and engaged. 

Thirty years of EEO and Affirmative Action experience, along with direct experience representing the U. S. Federal government as a speaker and trainer, makes EEO GUIDANCE, Inc. your go-to resources. Dawson has traveled across the United States training to serve private industry, Federal, city, county and state government agencies.

Affirmative Action Consulting Services:

  • Formal EEO Policy
  • EEO Complaint Procedures
  • EEO Rehabilitation sessions (for those managers/employees that you cannot lose)
  • Glass Ceiling Analysis 
  • OFCCP Compensation Analysis 
  • OFCCP Compliance Reviews and Audits, including Corporate Management Audit
  • Preparation of AAPs
  • Mock Audit of AAPs and Compensation Analysis
  • Executive Summary of AAPs and Compensation Analysis

EEO GUIDANCE, Inc.® provides consulting and training services designed to fit the needs of your company or agency (managers and employees) in the following areas:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity (can be focused on one EEO basis such as Sexual Harassment, Racial Harassment, Religious Discrimination or can be a general session on all of the EEO bases of discrimination)
  • Affirmative Action (Executive Order 11246, Section 503 (Rehabilitation Act) or 4212 (Veteran)
  • Diversity - Inclusion
  • Interviewing Skills for all employees who wish to get ahead in your company or agency




If you have an employee, supervisor, or manager who just simply is not "getting it" when it comes to discrimination or inappropriate behavior in the workplace, don't terminate him/her and send them on to another employer to continue the bad behavior; rehabilitate that employee through the EEO GUIDANCE EEO One-on-One Training half or full day workshop. 

The session includes a combination of EEO, Affirmative Action, and Diversity facts and definitions, an employee personal assessment, a quiz specific to the action needing to be addressed, and more.  Each session is designed specifically for the problems and issues needing to be addressed.  EEO GUIDANCE, Inc. has worked with the court system to provide personal one-on-one EEO training to satisfy requirements from the Department of Justice, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the DOL/OFCCP.   



EEO GUIDANCE, Inc. conducts neutral, fact based, and detailed EEO Investigations for your company.  Dawson will personally conduct the needed investigations relating to the complaint/case, review related documents, analyze the documentation and provide a detailed written report, with recommendations for action (if requested). 

Training in EEO reduces EEO complaints through education and creates an environment of RESPECT.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) statistics reveal EEO training is necessary to ensure equal treatment and non-discrimination in the workplace.  Nearly all discrimination cases settled include a clause requiring annual EEO training for all employees.  

Just so you know:  There were thousands of EEO claims filed this past year, with settlements totaling millions of dollars.  Don't become a statistic with the EEOC or the OFCCP.  EEO complaints cause disruption in the workforce and can be very costly (not to mention (okay I will mention) the negative publicity to your business).   Ensure  all employees understand their person obligations of EEO/AA; specifically your supervisors and managers.  Your management team must fully understand the EEO and Affirmative Action laws and regulations.



EEO GUIDANCE works with EEO LOGIC to prepare Affirmative Action Programs, to include an Executive Order 11246 AAP, Section 503 (Disability) AAP, 4212 (Veteran) AAP, Compensation Analysis, and Impact Ratio Analysis.   Part of our mission is to assist organizations in their effort to provide Equal Employment Opportunity and comply with Affirmative Action legal requirements. We do this by ensuring the accurate preparation of Affirmative Action Programs. This means creating an AAP that will best adhere to federal regulations and reduce the possibility of costly losses encountered by non-compliance, inadequate attempts at compliance, or yet undiscovered discrimination practices.





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