MOST WORKSHOPS ARE PRIVATE CLIENT SESSIONS BEING HELD AT                 EMPLOYER'S FACILITIES. Those open to the public will be listed below:

Current/recent Open Sessions: 

One Southern Indiana’s
HR MMA Roundtable (
sponsored by 1si)

Learn about YOUR EEO RESPONSIBILITIES & EEO Record keeping Requirements

Learn how EEO laws impact daily work at any manufacturing facility.  Take this opportunity to better understand recent changes and interpretations for compliance within EEO law. Also, learn about EEO record keeping requirements – you may be surprised.  National trainer and speaker, Carol A. Dawson, CCDP/AP, EEO GUIDANCE, Inc., will provide an interactive, ‘Never Boring,’ and fast paced discussion. After spending 25 years enforcing EEO and Affirmative Action laws for the US Department of Labor/Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) and Bureau of the Census/NPC, Dawson brings her EEO knowledge, compelling stories, and humor to the MMA HR. 

Group discussion will follow. 

You will take a brief self-assessment to find out if you are a Change Agent for Equality (very popular). 

Workshop date is:           May 5, 2016
Start time:                       11:30 AM
Location of training:        One Southern Indiana
4100 Charlestown Road
New Albany, IN 47150
Phone: (812) 945-0266



Updates for EEO and Affirmative Action compliance and

Who is a Federal Contractor/Subcontractor

February 10, 2016

11:30 AM

Prosser Technical College, New Albany, Indiana

Sponsored by Southern Indiana SHRM


The NW EEO/Affirmative Action Association and the Oregon and Southwest Washington Industry Liaison Group  joined together to offer the 'Never Boring' and interactive national training opportunity for supervisors, managers, HR professionals, and business owners. 


June 15, 2015
8:00 - 10:30 AM
Breakfast served at 7:30 AM
Multnomah Athletic Club
$45 for OSWILG and NWEEO members; $60 for Non-members
Registration Details can be found on the below sites:   To review the flyer, go to:   or


If you need assistance with employment EEO/AA/Diversity related actions,


CAROL BAKER DAWSON AT: or (812) 284-2993



EEO GUIDANCE, Inc.® provides quality 'NEVER BORING' training workshops designed to fit the needs of your company or business group and the timeframe you require. The following list shows the various topics addressed by EEO GUIDANCE, Inc.®  Please see "About Us" webpage for client testimonials.  Carol grabs and keeps the attention of your employees and managers with her EEO stories of life and work and humor while teaching them the facts about EEO/Diversity/Affirmative Action. 

See article at the bottom on this page for information relating to Sexual Harassment obligations - you may be surprised!    A syllabus for any of the workshops can be provided, along with a EEO GUIDANCE Business Package.  Go to the: Contact Us Link

Diversity, Equality, and Affirmative Action are a team, each playing a vital role in eliminating illegal discrimination. Diversity is the first string. If you create an atmosphere in your company where employees and management are mutually respectful of one another, then your chance for eliminating harassment is at the greatest probability. Teach your employees and supervisors to be Diversity/EEO Change Agents

before it is too late.       Carol


This workshop session is a must for anyone who is a supervisor, manager, business owner or HR professional in a company with 15 or more employees.

Start the year off right by scheduling this 'Never Boring' Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Sexual Harassment session and you are guaranteed to learn something new about your EEO obligations, specifically sexual harassment.  Sexual Harassment complaints are on the rise across the US.  Employers are consistently found guilty in the courts when managers and employees who act inappropriately have not been trained adequately.  Don’t wait for that special invitation to court by the feds before you learn your legal obligations.

*THE A TEAM:  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION - EQUALITY - DIVERSITY/INCLUSION  (flexible length of training workshop)- this workshop is one of our most popular (second only to Prevention of Sexual Harassment:  The Three Second Rule) - it covers the definitions of the three topics and breaks them down individually to ensure a full understanding by the audience.  Fast paced, informative, and 'Never Boring' - this session is not a lecture and employees often respond that they are shocked how quickly the time went by for them.

* Respecting Diversity or RESPECT IN THE WORKPLACE(2, 3, 4 hour or full day sessions available)

Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes -  A Lesson in Diversity (2, 3, 4 hour or full day workshops)

* Diversity for TODAY and TOMORROW - A Win-Win View - This course helps your managers and employees understand Diversity - along with teammates, Affirmative Action and Equality - it also takes Diversity a big step beyond simply understanding the basic concept of respect.  Participants go through a series of interactive sessions and end with an agreement to become a Change Agent for Diversity - very powerful and the most popular workshop.

NOTE:   DID YOU KNOW that over 20% of the EEOC complaints are harassment based complaints?  Don't wait until you are in the middle of a negative and costly court case before you teach your management staff and employees their obligations under the law!
Sexual Harassment Workshop - Sexual Harassment? - You Decide or Sexual Harassment: The Three Second Rule- This is another interactive workshop which takes the participants well beyond the definition of sexual harassment - includes an opportunity for participants to view situations which they will discuss in groups.  They then decide if the actions fall within the legal (court's) definition of sexual harassment - another popular workshop.

* Title VII Harassment and Discrimination- Learning more about all harassment and discrimination (and preventative practices) places your company or agency in a proactive mode versus reactive - the courts are taking special note of the fact that a company or agency has provided training to employees and managers to ensure they understand the laws and the company policy against illegal harassment and discrimination

* CAREER SUCCESS OR CAREER DISTRESS - Promoting Yourself and Interviewing Skills to Get Ahead (JOB SUCCESS SKILLS) - an interactive, fast-paced 'Never Boring' session which teaches participants how to get ahead - a must for the company or agency who has employees with the skills and knowledge who never seem to get ahead - this is an affirmative action workshop that can be of benefit for all employees (for Government Agencies - a Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) element has been added to this workshop)

* Interviewing Skills for the Management Staff- This workshop pulls the participants in with scenarios and a quiz to find out that they 'don't know what they don't know' about interviewing -they learn the new techniques on how to select the right (productive) person for the job  - includes specific DOs and DON'Ts in regards to EEO / Affirmative Action Obligations for Hiring Officials

* MEASURE WHAT YOU TREASURE:  An interactive training class teaching participants how to hand calculate an Impact Ratio Analysis (Adverse Impact Analysis) on hires, promotions, and terminations...and YES, this session is also 'Never Boring'

* HOW TO BE A FAIR AND IMPARTIAL INVESTIGATOR FOR EEO COMPLAINTS:  Learn how to conduct your own EEO related invesigation to ensure a fair and impartial decision is made regarding EEO complaints
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act (ADAAA):  In 2008, the President signed in the ADAAA , emphasizing the definition of disability and the Act made important changes to the ADA by rejecting the holdings in several Supreme Court decisions and portions of EEOC's ADA regulations.  This session provides a 'Never Boring' review of the changes and how they impact the business world

* Executive Order 11246 - How to Prepare an Affirmative Action Program  - participants walk through the requirements of an Affirmative Action Program and learn what is required to be in compliance with the regulations (Executive Order 11246) - and yes, this is also interactive

* Affirmative Action and EEO Requirements - for Supervisors and Managers in government and private industry - learn what is legally required of your business or agency to be in compliance with EEO and AA laws
Intermediate and Advanced Training for Effective EEO Counseling - for experienced EEO Counselors (for government or private industry)- another fast paced and interactive update for EEO Counselors - meets the 8 hour EEOC requirement for all current Counselors each year, but always exceeds expectations



No, it may not be enough simply to have an EEO and sexual harassment policy in place.  At least according to the New Jersey Supreme Court.  In the decision, Gaines vs. Bellina, the courts indicated the key issue is to prove, "effective and practical anti-harassment preventative and protective measures exist."  It is not acceptable to have a policy "in name only."  The court also spelled out an employer's obligation to train and monitor supervisors and managers around issues of sexual harassment.  This decision (August 2002) makes it quite clear that employers who fail to act aggressively to prevent harassment may find themselves responsible for damages. 




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Are you being proactive or are you waiting until the complaint has been filed?

EEO GUIDANCE, Inc. has been approved as an EEO/AA Trainer for compliance requirements resulting from Conciliation Agreements, Consent Decrees, etc. from the the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), US Dept. of Labor/OFCCP, Justice Department, and State and Local Governments

In addition to these sessions, EEO GUIDANCE, Inc.® provides expert consulting services in the area of equality and discrimination.  Dawson  creates effective internal business complaint processes for your company and follows through with investigations and/or mediation to assist in early resolution of EEO complaints.  Before employees move into the legal system, have an effective system in place for EEO complaints. Also, Dawson provides a variety of other Human Resource functions, i.e., consulting in the areas of: Evaluating Employees (Performance), Exit Interviews, and more.  Contact Carol Dawson at EEO GUIDANCE, Inc.® for more information or to schedule a training/workshop session or speaking engagement.

EEO GUIDANCE, Inc. typically conducts training workshops at the client's facilities.  These workshops are not open to the public.  However, Dawson occasionally accepts invitations to speak or conduct training at open sessions (such as Industry Liaison Group (OFCCP), Society of Human Resource Managers (SHRM), Chamber of Commerce, Federally Employed Women, State and Federal EEO Conferences, and other related business organizations, etc.).

Below you will find services provided and a list of open training sessions provided by

EEO GUIDANCE, Inc. (Dawson):